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Meticulous and Experienced Landscape Maintenance Service

Our work isn’t over once the last plant has been put in the ground. We offer year-round maintenance catered to your needs and schedule, so a year from now your yard will still look as good as it did on day one. After building a yard with House Appeal, we will be there to ensure your property stays in the pristine condition it deserves.

Homeowners have enough on their minds, which House Appeal understands. We work hard to make sure our clients receive top-level customer service and support throughout the stages of their yards development. Our goal is to take care of your property so that you can focus on things that matter most to you. We can set up a regular scheduled maintenance plan to meet your needs. Whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly or on call service, we will customize a plan that works for you and your yards needs.

With regular maintenance, we do more than give a once-over of your property during our inspections, we carefully check every inch of your property and perform any necessary work efficiently. While other companies may gloss over smaller things like clearing of smaller weeds, adjusting plants watering needs, adjusting eave troughs or picking up on any pest or fungus problems House Appeal’s careful eye’s catches even the tiniest imperfections and diligently corrects them.

We can regularly prune your plants, hedges and bushes or set up our spring, mid summer & fall pruning schedule to suite your plants requirements or desired results. We also offer a spring and fall clean up to clean out seasonal perennials, remove leaves and winter debris, protect plants for the winter months and fertilize plants in the spring months.

After so many years in the field, House Appeal’s friendly and efficient employees will have your property looking as good outside as it does inside! Our staff have developed an excellent eye for detail and will work quickly and efficiently to spruce up your yard. Clients know they can count on House Appeal to keep their properties looking great.